International students of Tsinghua University may apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), Beijing Government Scholarship (BGS), or Tsinghua University Scholarship (TUS). The scholarships are categorized into full scholarships and partial scholarships. Full scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, meals and medical insurance, etc. Partial scholarships cover full tuition or partial tuition.

The scholarships are preferentially awarded to excellent international students for degree studies at Tsinghua University. The students who have been granted scholarships are requested to participate in annual review, and those passing the annual review are eligible for next-year scholarship support.

In autumn 2010, twenty-four percent of the degree program international students of Tsinghua University have been awarded scholarships. Among the newly admitted degree program students, nineteen percent win Chinese Government Scholarships, and twelve percent win Beijing Government Scholarships or Tsinghua University Scholarships.