Instructions for Online Application System

Since 2008, foreign students who apply for studying in Tsinghua University should apply online. The paper application form has not been accepted.

The application steps:

1. Registration 


Please visit the page “Foreign Students Online Application System of Tsinghua University”


Please register and activate the account through the online application system. Clink the “Register” on the top right corner to open the registration page.


The username should be an email address that is readily accessible to you since we will contact you via email regarding your application, enrollment, and university entrance. When you are enrolled by Tsinghua University, this email address will still be a main contact way.


To ensure you to get the right application and enrollment information, we suggest you to use your own email, do not apply with a new registered email address or entrust other people to apply for you.

Activate the account

After you successfully registered, the activation code and link will be sent to you via email.


To activate the account, you could either clink the activation link or use the activation code when you login to the system.


After you activate the account, you can apply online.

2 . Apply Online

Clink “apply” on the top right corner to open the application page: apply

All the current applying projects are listed on this page. Please choose the right project or your application may be returned, refused or you may be enrolled to a wrong project. If you have missed the applying time, please do not apply through the other applying project.

Special notice: the listed applying projects refer to the projects that you will apply at Tsinghua University.  

When choose the correct applying project, please start to fill the application form.


If you are not sure about your information, clink the “save as draft” on the bottom of the page, and your form will not be dealt with by Tsinghua University.

When completing the form, clink the “submit” to submit it. All the information will be checked automatically. The unqualified form could not be submitted. There will be prompt message to point out the unqualified items. Please modify the items according to the message.

Clink the “my application”, you can see your form and the following operation.


3 . the Application Review

The application form will be reviewed by the staff of Tsinghua University in five working days. If your form is returned, you could either modify or retract it.

Before the review, the applicants can retract the submitted application.

If your application passed the review, you can either clink the “print” in “my application” to download the application form in PDF, or clink the “email sending” to send the PDF to your registered email address.

When the application form is returned or passes the review, an email will be sent to you.

Attention: only the approved application form printed in PDF could be handed in. The printed application form webpage could not be handed in.

4 .  Mail the Application Materials

Prepare the needed applying materials and mail together with the printed application form to the given address. The materials will not be returned. If there are important documents, please submit the counterpart as required.

5 .  Online Payment

Two ways to pay:

1 . Pay in cash at the Foreign Student Affairs Office of Tsinghua University;

2 . Pay online using credit card.

After your application form is approved or the materials are received by Tsinghua University, the staff will make you the online payment draft, and at the same time, an email is sent to remind you. Clink “my application”, and then clink “payment” to choose the type of the credit card.


The online payment system is supported by the payment platform of PayEase, the third party payment company ( The credit card of China Unionpay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB could be used. Choose the type of the credit card, and then you can see the detail information of the payment draft.


Clink “submit”, then you could pay on the PayEase page. After the payment, you can check your payment status in “my application” menu.

If you have any payment problem, please contact PayEase (

The application fee will not be returned, no matter whether you cancel the application or not, or you are enrolled or not. If the online payment fails, the application process will be stopped.

6 . Enrollment

After the online application, Tsinghua University will arrange entrance examination, interview etc. Please pay attention to the website of International Students Office and check your email.
The applicants could check the result in “my application” menu.

About two months before the entrance to Tsinghua University, the International Students Office will send the Admission Notice for you to get Visa and deal admission affairs. The Admission Notice will not be sent ahead. You can check the enrollment result via email.